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Spangler Candy Company is a family-owned private company making candy since 1906. Dumdum lollypops were invented in 1924. The original flavors lemon, lime, orange, coconut pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch.  The dumdum company currently makes an average of 10 million Dumdums per day, or about 2.4 billion Dumdums per year. The products the produce include lollipops, candy canes, and marshmallow candies. Early sales manager was the one who named the candy dumdums because it would be a common child used word.

               The flavor history begun in 1924, the dumdum was invented.  After the first seven original flavors were produced they made three more flavors over the course of 2 years after that. The flavors were root beer, strawberry, and chocolate.  The flavors you can now vote for are donut, pizza, blueberry muffin, apple pie, and more. Dumdums are one of the most popular lollipop brands. Especially around Halloween they are very popular. The most popular dumdum flavors are root beer and grape.  Lollipops definition is lump of hard candy. One bag of dumdums is $2.99

Dum Dums Pile-O-Pops


                Dumdums are a popular lollipop brand known by many.  They are small so they won’t get children to hyper. Overall they are very sweet and have a great taste to them. They taste much like the specific flavor they are assigned. I am a fan of the cherry flavor dumdum. I like it because it has a strong cherry taste. I guess since it is a popular flavor most people would know the taste of it.

                The lollipop just its self looks good. It has a bright color depending on the flavor. Also they are really hard and don’t break as easy and stay unharmed for longer. Since they are small they are perfect for anyone, they don’t limit who they are best for. There are some lollipops that are too large for some people’s mouths. They all have a smooth texture to them.

                The smell of the dumdum lollipop was not a really strong. There was a small hint of cherry smell to it. Although there was a weak smell to it the taste made up for it. The wrapper for dumdums is easy to look at to find the flavors. Each wrapper has a picture of the food that it is supposed to taste like. Dumdums are overall a really good lollipop brand for not only kids but anyone.


Guaranteed value-

                   This lollipop is dark in color and isn’t as small. It is not the round ball of sugar like the dumdums. They are flatter in shape but are still round. Since they are flatter they break easier. My lollipop was broken when I opened it.  The taste of the generic lollipop was not nearly as good to the dumdums. It had more of a bittersweet taste than a sweet and sugary one you get from other lollipops. So overall I would give this brand of lollipop a grade of C-.

Tootsie Pop-

                   The size of the lollipop is very large and it has a very dark color. Its overall taste is very sweet and has a hint of a sour taste to it. Since it is larger it lasts longer. Since it is larger it isn’t easy it fit into any size mouth. It wouldn’t fit easily into a smaller mouth.  When you first open the lollipop it has crumbs from it that fall out of the wrapper. It stays together overall very well since it is a larger thicker lollipop. This lollipop doesn’t have a strong smell of the flavor but you can smell the tootsie roll inside of it. Although one lollipop has 60 calories you don’t really care while you eat it. After you finish the lollipop part you are not done with it you still have the tootsie roll to eat which is a pleasant surprise or addition to the lollipop. My overall grade for this brand of lollipop would be an A-.

Charm’s Blow Pop-

                   Much like the tootsie pop this lollipop is pretty large in size. The taste of the lollipop is sweet. For this lollipop I also had a cherry lollipop and it had a great cherry taste. I overall think this was one of the better out of the competition. It has a strong smell you would expect a lollipop to have. It smells very sweet and sugary just the way a lollipop should be. The grade I would give the blow pop would be an A.

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